my nephew passed away due to violence, he was beaten up severely, where he succumbed to his injuries, all drug and gang related in the community of St Theresa Point…2 young boys were already picked up and charged. So much of that in our communities as a whole, everywhere it seems. Sometimes i feel so helpless on what can be done, all I can do is Pray. He leaves behind a wife and 5 children (very young in age) …Rusty was a very kind individual, would never hurt anyone, always helped others in need…I pray that the youth will think about their lives for the better so this tragedy will not be in vain. i urge all people pray for a better tomorrow for our children and their children to come. we need to call on our leaders to put a stop to all drugs and negative substances that enter our communities. please, lets be kind to one another, its what we teach our own children that will change the ways, it begins at home, not the band office or government, it begins with you as mom and dad, you need spirituality in your home, set a foundation !! This is what is in my heart today, blessings and peace !!

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